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The people we call heroes do not usually start out as unusual. Often they are ordinary people subject to ordinary human weakness—fear, doubt, and self-interest. In fact, they live ordinary lives until they distinguish themselves by having to deal with an injustice or a difficult situation. Only then, when they must respond in thought and in action to an extraordinary challenges, do people begin to know their strengths and weakness.</p>

<p>Assignment: Do people learn who they are only when they are forced into action?</p>

<p>MY ESSAY:</p>

<p>“Obstacle help dig out one’s true self” may be a trite saying, but it holds on enormous amount of truth. Though favorable circumstances offer happiness, adversities enable one to find his or her potential. Within difficult situations, one will begin to know his or her strengths and weakness.</p>

<p>Some people believe in their strength and perceive themselves stronger than they really are. Josephine “Jo” March, from the novel “Little Women” written by Louisa May Alcott, for instance, used to see herself as a strong girl who is as strong as a man instead of a woman crying for sad things. However, after she firmly cut off her hair in order to collect money for her mother to visit her dangerously ill father, Jo realized that she was not as tough as she thought. Despite that she did not regret what she did she still felt heart broken and cried bitterly. Jo’s father’s illness as well as the lacking money for traveling which led to Jo’s decision to cut her hair put her into a hard occasion. Without this difficulty, Jo would not figure the weakness of her.</p>

<p>While some obstacles reveal one’s weakness, others show one’s strengths. For example, Vasily Zaytsev realized his potential and became a celebrated Russian sniper through his nation’s crisis. In World War II, with Stalingrad ready to fail into German hands and the Soviet Union on the verge of collapse, Vasily began to know that his shooting potential could save his motherland. Going through his uneasy period during the war, Vasily was able to maintain optimistic attitude facing great dangers and stay calm seeing his mates died one by one. Looking back at that moment if there was no war, Vasily would become an original shepherd like his grandfather instead of either a sniper or a national hero. It is war which made him knew his strength and led him to be a hero who showed his homeland.</p>

<p>Consequently, one can view obstacle as a read full with thistles and thorns. It forced one to figure out his or her own way which at the same time reveals whether one is skillful or powerful. Similarly, obstacle let one know his or her strengths as well as weakness.</p>

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