[ask] Number of Transfer Students Accepted to Olin School of Business

<p>Does anyone know how many transfer students Olin School of Business accepted this year [or perhaps the previous year's]? I will begin college this fall and I'm curious of the number of junior transfers accepted there.</p>

<p>I don’t know how many were accepted, but there are 5 enrolled, split between soph and jrs. There are only about 30 transfers total in the whole university, although there are about 100 foreign exchange and engineering 3+2 upper level students that arrive on campus each year. That is actually a lot lower than most schools. However, note that WashU students can transfer among the A&S/Bus/Arts schools without any difficulty. Transferring to other business schools is extremely competitive, esp NYU Stern, Wharton, Georgetown, UVA, Michigan/Ross. Most of these schools take between 1& 10 transfers. USC and Emory are easier.</p>