Ask questions about Knox here!

Hey everyone! I’m a current senior at Knox, and I would love to answer questions!

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What’s the Greek life like at Knox? I’ve heard it’s a big part of the social life there.

Greek life at Knox is not really the prodominent culture. It exists and is fun to be a part of, but only a quarter of knox participates. For those who do it is a great experience. It is not like Greek life is portrayed on TV, but a rather group of friends creating different events often for philinthropic reasons. I know that sounds like a line, but it’s true. Nor is greek life a social divide. I’m not in greek life but I live with a sority member and two fraternitiy members in my dorm and they are some of my good friends! You can’t rush until winter term, so it’s not like your borhters/sisters are your only friend on campus, but rather like you’re getting a whole influx of new friends. It’s really a nice set up, a great activity to be a part of if you want, and not an issue if you aren’t interested. As a non-greek I have harbor no animosity towards the greek system, and find a lot of thier events (almost all of which are open to all of campus) really fun!

My daughter is very interested in Knox. She wants to major in creative writing and she is looking at the Peace Corp Preparatory Program. Do you know anything about the creative writing major or the Peace Corp Preparatory Program?

Hi, how is the international student’s life there?


I was wondering if you could go through the general vibe of the dorms freshman end up in on campus? Also, is there a stigma against the single gender residence hall or any stereotypes, negative or otherwise?


Hi! I’m a current junior at Knox. All of the dorms on campus – freshman and upperclassmen – are equal in quality. You live in a suite with 14 other students, plus your RA, your freshman year. I personally found that very helpful to meet people right away as we were all sharing a home. There is no stigma against choosing to live in a single gender residence hall. Most of the buildings are separated by floor, i.e. first floor all men, second all women, third floor co-ed. And honestly, that isn’t something people judge each other about here-- about half the students choose to live in single gender residence halls. Also, you’ll find that at Knox, the community is extremely open-,minded and inclusive. Stigmas and stereotypes aren’t very common here. We’re a really tight-knit community, and if there is an individual who is judgmental or tries to enforce stereotypes, they’re the odd one out. That kind of stuff just doesn’t fly here, we all respect each other too much-- sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Knox is a place where you can really be you.

Hi, do you have any insight into Knox’s chemistry department?