Ask questions about TCNJ here

It can be about TCNJ campus life, the CS department, etc. I’m a freshman here.

MODERATOR’S NOTE: Anyone with knowledge of the school is free to answer in the thread. The reason for this is that OPs often disappear. The OP of this thread hasn’t been on the site in almost two weeks.

Thanks for this. I will start: What do you like most so far about your time on campus? How are you finding the comp sci schedule?

How is the campus life there? Are there a lot of commuters? TIA

So far, I would say the friends and connections that I’ve made. I became a Computer Science Representative, which means I help at open houses, so I enjoy doing that. The comp sci schedule hasn’t been too stressful. I am taking Intro to Computer Science and Calculus A this semester.

@readthetealeaves There’s a pretty good sense of campus life, they try to plan out things on the weekends. There are a decent amount of commuters but not as many as some other NJ state schools (such as Montclair which has more commuters).

What exposure to CS did you have before you applied?

@bopper I took AP Computer Science as my first CS exposure senior year, but I didn’t place out of CS 1.

What would you describe the typical student in TCNJ? Also any favorite events there?

I’m a HS Senior looking to apply to colleges for CS and had a few questions because I just recieved a letter from TCNJ:

Like you, I’m taking AP CompSci A this year and I’ve already taken AP Calculus AB and got a 4 on that exam. How is the workload going into freshman year and how much will what I learn in AP CS A actually help me once i’m in college?

Why’d you choose TCNJ for CS? Looking online, it looks like it’s based in a pretty small town and is a small school itself. Are there a lot of research/study abroad opportunities for CS students or was it the faculty that brought you there?

How diverse is the student body? Is it overwhelmingly white or are there many different ethnicities/races/genders on campus?

Also, how helpful are the school counselors with your coursework? I’ve taken enough APs in high school that I think I can accelerate ahead a few courses…how accomodating would you say that they are about accelerating your courses?

@monchou I would say motivated. We may not be an Ivy League but just about everyone comes in and is excited to learn, even if it’s just a general education class. TCNJ students are also pretty social and involved in campus life, whether that’s sports, greek life, theater, or harry potter club!


1.) You can go right into Calculus 2 if you got a 4. My workload is honestly not too bad, but I am in Calc 1. I personally found my AP CS A experience very helpful in terms of both Java knowledge and also problem solving.

2.)There are a lot of research opportunities, and you can even shadow research during your freshman year. A focus on undergraduate education means that you’re doing research in junior and senior year that other people wouldn’t get to do till grad school. The average graduating salary for CS majors here is $87,000 a year, and I know a lot of seniors who already have job offers. Ultimately, however, I chose the school because I felt the faculty cared about my success and weren’t going to push me off to a TA.

3.) . In my year, I think about 25% of students are African American or Latino, and about 10% are Asian. There are a lot of different, active, student groups for different ethnicities.

4.) I’d say they’re pretty good about it. However, TCNJ does not usually give AP credit if you got a 3 on your exams- only 4 or 5. In some cases, you may accelerate out of a course but you still have to take an elective to make up the credit. (I placed out of having to take a history class but I have to take another free elective).

Thanks for the reply! You did mention AP scores. How are they for AP English classes? I received a 3 on one of them. Would they not count that, or at leas partially like your history class?

Oh also, how is the English program in TCNJ?

To find out AP credit, look here:

Was just at TCNJ again today…What a great college

@rofikicafe please share what makes it great. I have heard that but would like to hear from someone who is currently there or has currently visited

ok, well, I am a parent, but I will try to best communicate both mine and my daughter’s POV

Aesthetically: TCNJ is really pretty- no matter the time of year. It is a beautiful campus that is very well laid out. I have visited at least 5 times at different times of year and I am always struck with how attractive the campus looks. It’s been very clean every time I have visited.

Surrounding: The New Campus Town has brought some cute little shops and food venues to the campus area. Barnes and Noble, Panera, a hot dog place, sushi, insomnia cookies, an urgent care, a postal place…some other places…

Personality: My very first experience at TCNJ was three years ago at a tour over Spring break. School was in session at TCNJ, so I said, let’s do a tour. It was definitely early (she was only a Freshman), but she had been to Princeton on MLK day and we had the day free. As soon as we stepped on campus, my daughter said, “I like it here” As the parent, I had heard, let them talk…don’t ask too many questions. I asked, What makes you think that? She said, “look at everyone. They are all happy”. I think at Princeton, she saw a very serious vibe, but at TCNJ, she just felt people were warmer.

Tour guide: Our tour guide was AMAZING. I wish I could remember her name because I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about what a great job that girl did selling the college. As we went from location to location, she smiled and waved to so many people and just made us feel like the college really was a GREAT community. This girl’s father was a professor at Rutgers, so she could have gone for free, but chose TCNJ and said she was SO happy with her experience.

Reputation: TCNJ has a very solid reputation. I is ranked as the #1 Public College in the Northeast in US News and World Reports. Money ranked it very highly as a great investment. Poets and Quants ranks the business school very highly …if you look up TCNJ ranking, you will see it shines as a public uni.

Academics: I have been to some open houses where I got to interact with various department heads and professors. All have been very engaging and helpful. They genuinely seemed to take an interest in my daughter. They, too, seem happy.

Leadership: the new President has a terrific education pedigree, and I feel that she will continue to escalate TCNJ and it’s programs

Grants: I have followed TCNJ in the news and see that they are successful in getting grants…this translates to opportunities for students be it research or improvements to educational programs

Opportunities: I have spoken with students in various programs who have had excellent internship opportunities and the ability to study across the various schools…for example, a comp sci major can do a minor in a business specially or an art program

Class size: Small classes are what my daughter wants. TCNJ has small classes

Cost: TCNJ feels like a private college at a public price. As a family that won’t get financial aid, comparing TCNJ to other schools she was interested in initially would be a HUGE cost difference. it makes more sense to have money for grad school than to burn through it with an undergrad degree.

Sports teams; TCNJ campus always seems to have a sporting event or something fun happening. Having it all located on a campus versus some other schools we visited where the athletic facilities are separate makes for more opportunities to get out of the dorm room.

I am sure there are more things. Oh, My daughter reached out to a department head to ask a few questions, and the professor invited her to attend some classes if she wanted to. I liked that. She hasn’t scheduled that yet, but the offer is there.

oh, the dorms are not great…but, it’s college. Dorms weren’t great when I was a student either :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply @tcnjcsstudent2022

Great detailed summary of your thoughts @rofikicafe . Thank you so much for your input

@rofikicafe: great summary. One thing to add is clubs and activities! My daughter is involved in several organizations and it really enriches her life on campus. TCNJ also plays host to musical acts and comedians that perform right on campus at a nominal cost to students.

@ekdad212 @rofikicafe @tcnjcsstudent2022 Worth it if you are paying out of state tuition?