asking adult for recommendation who isn't too familiar with my ec activities

<p>Every single one of my "good and qualified" teachers and counselors are booked with scholarship recommendations from me, so I don't want to keep badgering them with new ones. I need a recommendation from an adult who's fairly familiar with my extra curricular activities, and I was thinking about asking the volunteer coordinator for the hospital I've volunteered at for 6 months. She knows who I am, but isn't familiar with my after school activities that are listed in my resume, because obviously she doesn't work at my school. </p>

<p>How should I ask her for a recommendation? I have to ask her via email because the offices are closed during the days of my volunteering. Should I attach my resume? Would I have to explain to her my extracurriculars? </p>


<p>Your familiar teachers probably have your letter of recommendation saved on their computer someplace. It's not hard to change the "to" part of the letter and send another. If these are really the folks who can give you the best letter of reference for scholarships AND know you well, they should be able to do this for you. Ask them...</p>

<p>Yes, attach your resume in the email. Son's high school encouraged the students to give every letter of rec writer a copy of the resume.</p>