Asking an Academic Advisor vs. Professor for a letter of recommendation?

Hi, I am thinking about transferring to another 4 year university and that university requires an academic letter of recommendation. Will it make a big difference if I ask my academic advisor for a letter of recommendation vs. a Professor? I don’t really know any of my professors that well and it would be a bit awkward to ask.

They already will see your grades, colleges ask for an academic LOR to learn more about the applicant. Did they participate in class? Show interest in a subject? Will they take advantage of the resources the college offers by seeking advice from their profs?

When colleges ask for one thing and get another they may surmise that is the best the student can come up with. Often an advisor is someone the student is required to meet with. Different kettle of fish. You should call admissions at this school and ask if they will even accept a letter from an advisor or if they will mark your app as incomplete.