Asking Colleges to compete For Me?

<p>Here is the deal: Currently, I have a full tuition scholarship to a big state school. My #1 school right now is about $8,000 dollars behind that offer. How do I go about asking for more money or a matching offer? Does anyone have experience with a similar situation.</p>

<p>Most folks who ask for reconsideration have these things:</p>

<li><p>A change in their financial cirumstances that would require that the college reconsider their offer (loss of income or something like that).</p></li>
<li><p>Two competitor other words two schools that are very similar in demographics, admitted student stats, etc. For example, if you got a finaid offer from Williams and another from Amherst, it would be from two very similar schools, with similar endowments, similar financial aid award formulas, similar accepted student profile...and in fact compete often for the same students. You might have a chance of getting them to reconsider. However, if you have an award that is $8000 more from a school that is not as competitive (in other words, your second choice is much more competitive for admissions, not a peer school, demographics of admissions different), they probably won't care.</p></li>

<p>DD got a really good scholarship from a state flagship U. The private schools that accepted her were completely different animals...much more competitive. We didn't even try.</p>

<p>We did take her finaid offer to two schools that often compete for applicants. One school REFUSED to even talk about their finaid offer. The other one made some adjustments. Guess where she is going?</p>

<p>Ok, well here a the schools: the state U is University of Utah and the smaller private is North Central College. Yes they are completely different but not quite the case you are describing above.</p>