Asking for a higher amount of scholarship than currently given

I have gotten into Northeastern’s computer science honors program, and I’m receiving about $15,000 a year in scholarship money. At this point, should I ask Northeastern to possibly increase the amount? Or is there any way I can ask them to help cut down on my costs and reduce the financial burden upon me as an international student?

I suppose you can ask…but NEU awards international students scholarships between $10K and $30k…and you got $15k which seems decent.

Do you have any additional special accomplishments or awards that were not in your application that can support your request for additional merit aid?

I don’t think so, I pretty much mentioned everything significant I’ve done in my application. Should I still try asking them though? Or would it maybe seem a little weird?

You can ask…let them know that NEU is your top choice school…

If they give you additional money, are you prepared to make a commitment to enroll? If so…you can mention that too.

You say your parents can pay for this school, right? Is your choice now between NEU and UBC?

Okay, thanks. Yes they can pay for it, it’s just that having a little more money from their side would be helpful. And yes, I’m choosing between NEU and UBC.