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Hello Reader!
I am here to ask your opinions, suggestions and advices.
Now my story begins…I am from a developing country-Myanmar where the military has taken the government. As you know the act of dictatorship, it has ruined many life. As a example, after military had occupied the seat, approximately 5000 people has been killed by unthinkable torture and nearly 10000 are looked up in the jail. But I am not ,here, to do politics. The coup has affected so much in my lives, I have to stopped my high school life because most of the well-trained and well-experienced teachers resigned from their jobs over the country. Therefore, I started to think to apply abroad high schools, especially from the U.S.A. What should I need to do to continue my education? And, I really want to go to MIT?
So, Is there someone out there who want to solve this mess?
Any of your words will be so helpful to me.

If my words are unfamiliar with you(or) If you don’t understand what I am saying, sorry for your inconvenience. Thanks for reading:-)

You can reply anything, literally anything.

I am not well versed in it but could you apply to be a foreign exchange student? I don’t really know how it works but maybe someone else does.

We have a significant population of Karen refugees in my town and I think some Burmese people too.

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Thanks for your replying!

Best wishes,
There are wealthy international students studying in US high schools.
Also consider Canada if your family can afford.

In meantime, have you seen some resources for high school students offered by MIT?


This helps a lot. Thanks for replying!

  1. It’s nice to have a goal, but getting accepted to MIT is a very lofty one considering their very very very low acceptance rate. I would suggest you look at many other options considering the very low chance of acceptance at this college.

  2. Maybe I missed it…but can you afford to attend high school in the U.S? Boarding schools can cost quite a very large sum of money. Plus there is also transportation, health insurance and other expenses like toiletries.

So how much can you actually afford to pay to attend high school here?

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It is next to impossible to get into MIT.

As others have said, review foreign exchange student opportunities.

ASSE is a large student exchange organization. You may want to reach out to them asking if they have any opportunities for your country or if they know a company for you to look into.

(My area also has a large influx of Karen and Burmese refugees.)

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Lots of Karens these days. I have seen the videos😀

Why has this been flagged? A bit ironic.


I should clarify Karen speaking.

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Also, consider this Burmese American community in Indiana. They help students prepare for college.
They may have tips about which high schools and colleges may be seeking students like you.

If you are seeking to move to US this month, for example, they are accepting applications from local students.
All area high school students in Indianapolis are eligible to apply. Application Deadline is the August 15th!

To apply, please go to the online application URL here: 2022-2023 Upward College Program Application Form


Karen here presumably refers to an ethnic group in Myanmar, rather than the stereotype of a self-entitled complainer.



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Getting back to the OP’s question.

  1. Can you afford to attend a boarding school in the United States? Including transportation and health insurance? Or are you hoping for a free ride for boarding school?

Absolutely no offense or malice intended!! Apologies to anyone accidentally offended!!


The Karen people are a minority group in Myanmar given refugee status in the US due to the situation in Myanmar. They are a distinct group and we have a fairly large population of Karen folks in my town. They used to hold Karen classes in the evening at the elementary school my D22 went to (might still do it but D22’s not in elementary any more) and many of her classmates were Karen or Burmese. They had a translator at PTA meetings. Much of the town’s notices are printed in both Karen and Burmese as well as English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Steve.p I hope you can find a way to study abroad. The US can be expensive but does offer a lot of opportunities. Your English is fantastic so I would think you could get along well in any English speaking country. Canada is a good suggestion. Maybe the UK? Are Australia or New Zealand possibilities?


I am very sorry for your predicament.

I assume you are a minor still. Which means you cannot just move somewhere and go to high school on your own. What do your parents say? Would they leave the country with you?Would they allow you to leave the country on your own, as an accompanied minor? Do you have relatives anywhere who would take you in?

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As far as I knew about the U.S.A laws, An international student can only attend public school for only one academic year. That leaves me the option which is to chose private and boarding schools. But, as everyone knows, entering that kind of schools is not a piece of cake. So, I decided that I should go to private boarding school after completing a year in public one.

Thanks for this “Your English is fantastic so I would think you could get along well in any English speaking country.”
Any English-speaking stem* school would be okay if it is good in teaching.
*I am science-nerd.

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There is no law limiting international students to 1 year in a public school! Most exchange or study abroad programs are for one year- but that is the program, not a law. If you have family or friends that you can live with you can go to public school for all of secondary school - if you want and if your parents agree of course.