Asking for Letters of Reccommendations?

<p>Eventually I want to apply to grad schools, so I will be needing a lot of LORs. I would like to start asking for them now, how do I develop a good enough relationship with my professors to ask them for a good letter? The class is fairly easy, so it's not like I can go to office hours. And how do I maintain those relationships with that professor after my class ends?</p>

<p>Some instructors are more personable then others as you may have already find. If you ask questions, get decent grades, make one effort or 2 to visit office hours (even if its to ask a subject related question thats on your mind) and/or stay after class and do the same. If you get to kind of know them you can kind of joke around about sports and stuff. As long as they can place a name with your face your in good hands. And after, drop in once every month or so, even if its just passing by so they remember you. Hint at the idea of rec letters and see how they reply. Be polite about letters of Rec, offer to provide everything. Yet don't over do kindness. I was reading once how someone gave their instructors Amazon gift cards to letter of recs.. Thats a tad much, the traditional thing to do is if you get into the desired program of their rec, get them a coffee mug of it.</p>