Asking for too many letters of recommendation

<p>Okay, I really want to apply to some colleges that may be more of a reach. But I'm kind of embarrassed about asking my teachers for 5 more recommendations. I know that they can staple a generic letter to each one, but usually these schools have a more detailed report that they must fill out with checkboxes and everything. And my teachers are always so busy. But these teachers are the ones that I feel can write the strongest recommendation letter (especially when I need all the help I can get for these schools! ^_^)</p>

<p>What do you do? Do you just ask for them anyway? Do you vary the teachers you ask? How do you go about asking teachers for 5 recommendations (or however many schools you're applying to)?</p>

<p>Common App!</p>

<p>they know that it will happen. I talked to my counselor about it and he said it is common at our school to give teachers multiple recs from the same person.(like me:))</p>

<p>If they already wrote you a letter, they will have a copy, and will not mind sending it to as many schools as you want. Many teachers don't fill out the check boxes. It does not matter that much, as long as there is a very good letter attached.</p>