Asking Professors for Recommendations

<p>I typed up a long post but I deleted it because basically its a relatively simply question I have.</p>

<p>Which would be better to have a recommendation from?</p>

<p>My public speaking professor who went out of her way to say she would write me a recommendation for me (leading me to believe she would write a more personal one)</p>

<p>or </p>

<p>An english professor who I believe would write me a good recommendation but perhaps not as personal</p>

<p>I am a business major and my other two recommendations will be from my accounting professor and my history professor. But I want to include a third</p>

<p>Thank you. Any advice is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>I'd go for public speaking, just because what you <em>think</em> will be put into a recommendation isn't always what <em>goes</em> into a recommendation! I'm under the impression that schools like more personal recommendations, too.</p>

<p>Public speaking. It's better to get a personal recommendation than a generic one.</p>

<p>Why not both?</p>

<p>English devision. When admission officers view your recommendation, they take account of which division it is from. Recently in social science department, grade inflation is a big issue. For many teacher do not want to lose faith. But of anything else, a full time, experienced English teacher is better.</p>