ASMR Club in College? Good Idea?

IMO, ASMR would be a great way for people to relax and hang out with each other as a group. It has several benefits, just like yoga, but the only issue may be the interest level of other students.

Now, this ASMR Club won’t include any touching, just in case if people aren’t comfortable with it. There are several other ways to trigger ASMR senses without touching someone else.

I’d make everyone sit or lay down on a yoga mat in a room with or without lights. Then, I’ll play an ASMR video clip from YouTube. My main goal is to make everyone feel comfortable as possible. Then, we’d have a short group discussion about it.

Overall, this club will focus on relaxation & stress relief.

On an extra note, our club events will include fundraisers & open ASMR video sessions.