Aspergers and National Merit

<p>We got my son's scores today, 230 so I think he will be a semi-finalist, but I have several questions. We are in Maryland and would like him within a car drive in case of emergency or at least a direct flight - currently unsure of his level of independence (he is growing and changing so quickly.)</p>

<p>Do any of the schools that give good merit awards to Finalist also have good support for kids on the spectrum. He wants to study engineering.</p>

<p>He had added time on the PSAT, will this effect ability to be semi-finalist. (He has had this accomodation since early elementary school and only uses it when needed.)</p>

<p>He transferred to public high school in 9th grade after many years in Special Education Schools - does that matter. He also took a low level Engish class Freshman year, he has worked himself up to honors this year and will have 5-6 AP classes by graduation.</p>

<p>I can't even begin to say how proud we are of how far he has come, for so many yrs we had to deal with behaviors and progress was slow and unsteady.</p>

<p>The University of Alabama will give him a full ride -- tuition, room, stipend and ipad. It also has a support program for Asperger's students. UA-ACTS</a> Program - The University of Alabama There is a poster on the Alabama board with a son who is currently involved in the University of Alabama ACTS program who speaks highly of the program -- but I don't recall that poster's name.</p>

<p>There is a direct flight from Baltimore to Birmingham on Southwest Airlines.</p>

<p>You might search for postings by Missypie and Cardinal Fang. Both have experience with the possible pitfalls of sending bright, but not ready to be independent Asperger's students to college.</p>

<p>Congrats to your son....he definitely will make NMSF</p>

<p>Autism</a> Spectrum Disorders Clinic - The University of Alabama</p>

<p>University</a> of Alabama News UA Launches College Transition Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders</p>

<p>UA-ACTS</a> Program - The University of Alabama</p>

<p>I worry non-stop about the pitfalls, so I am trying to put together a balanced list with schools that have both good support and strong academic peers.</p>

<p>I am surprised by how much he and I are both interested in Alabama - I think we will have to plan a visit at some point.</p>

<p>You don't need to go anywhere. Your state school--UMCP offers about 300 full-ride scholarships every year based on PSAT score. Good luck.</p>

<p>UMCP has a bad reputation for supporting kids with Aspergers (great engineering school however). If he stays instate it will be UMBC which he will apply to.</p>

<p>University of Delaware has some type of program as well, but I am not sure it is Aspergers focused only. But a school in driving distance that may have what you are looking for. </p>

<p>UMBC has a number of support programs, but I am not sure about their Aspergers support. I do agree with you about UMCP...and that campus may be way too overstimulating for some Aspergers. It's too stimulating for me, and I am not Aspergers ;)</p>

<p>you probably already have this link, but if not, hope it helps!
College</a> Programs for Students with Asperger Syndrome</p>

<p>there actually looks like there are a number of sites with a few different universties on them.</p>

<p>vlines - Thanks I hadn't seen that site and didn't know about BU - that could be interesting.</p>

<p>DS doesn't like Delaware for some unknown reason, but will revist the issue if he decides to focus on chemical engineering.</p>

My son has just finished his first semester at UA.The UA-Acts program is wonderful.My son is a JR,his Major is History.He is in a suite with three other roomates but he has his own room. He has started to have a little trouble with his roomates making fun of him so when he gets back after break this will be addressed,the Acts staff will be working with my son and his roomates on how they can live together in peace.If it can't not be resolved changes will be made.His mentor has been such a great support for him,she helps him but she does not do it for him. My son really likes the program and feels like he could not make it without it. He want's to be the programs first Grad student then the first one to earn a PhD. I think they have other students in the program that Major that you son wants. We are really happy at UA so far.</p>

<p>ixrayyou - Glad you are happy with the UA-Acts program, where they involved in helping to select roommates before the start of the school year? Will your son be able to move into a single if the situation does not improve? I think we will have to plan a trip to visit UA and see for ourselves.</p>

<p>Interestingly at my son's IEP meeting last wk when I mentioned this program (which no one had heard of in MD) the special ed teacher (from Tn) said Alabama would be great because no one would pick on DS. I eagerly await hearing all about your son's graduation from the PHD program of his choice.</p>

I sent you a priviate message with my contact number if you have any question. I tried to send a relpy but it is to long. Have you looked at Marshall in WV? We went for a visit and liked what we heard. My son liked UA better because they work on anixey and depression issues plus is is alot closer to us.I feel like that Dr Ryan and her staff really care about their students.Plaese let me know if you have any questions.</p>