Aspirant Penn class of '15 thread

<p>Everyone who's aspiring to become a Quaker walking down the cobble stone path of Locust Walk come next Fall, please use this thread as a way to help each other out and support one another, whether it be questions regarding applications or the pedagogic nirvana itself!
-Jordan Cohen</p>

<p>It's more aesthetically pleasing to mimic the threads of a similar nature that exist for other colleges already and name it "Penn 2015 Hopefuls" :)</p>

<p>Thank you for you constructive input, Jersey 13. That was not a haughty comment at all. Let's keep this thread as positive as can be! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow morning if you're taking the ACT!</p>

<p>Not taking the ACT tomorrow, but good luck to you if you're taking it. A Penn 2015 Hopefuls thread formerly existed, but was locked due to some lengthy arguments that erupted on the thread.</p>

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<p>I want to apply ED but I won't really be prepared for the math sat 2 in october, and I'm gonna have to rush it anyway.. yikes.</p>

<p>UPENN ED- WHARTON all the way :) </p>

<p>If all goes well, I will keep the recent June SAT, and finish SAT II<code>s by October!
Can</code>t wait till Common App opens up ... neeeeeed UPenn Suplementtttt xD</p>

<p>I emailed the Common App office and they said, "...The Common App launches for the new application season on August 1, 2010 in order to apply for 2011 terms." So, unlike the class of 2014, we will have to wait an additional month. At least I have to Common App essay out of the way. Has everyone else done so? If not I suggest getting to it over the summer.</p>

I took the SAT and got a horrible score. I don't even want to mention what it is. But I'll study over the summer and take it again in October AND in November, so hopefully it'll be enough for Penn.
I'm applying ED, I'm a legacy applicant, and my GPA (out of 100) is a 92 in Junior year. It will hopefully be higher in my Senior year. I take the full IB diploma in an international school overseas and a series of extracurriculars, sports, and leadership programs.
Do you think I can get in?</p>

<p>Strange, most men aren't so excited about Penn15 ED as you.</p>

<p>Gosh don't start that joke again...</p>

<p>As I? It's somewhat of a disease, or rather an obsession. I think I'll be visiting a psychiatrist this week.</p>

<p>@upennfreak The SAT/GPA is only 1/3 of the application. The other 2/3 is the essay and letter of recommendations. This is what I learned when I visited Penn.</p>

<p>upennfreak, they won't see any of your senior grades when you apply ED. Having said that, your legacy status will mean more for you ED than RD. The school has an alumni council on admissions that may be able to give you advice. </p>

<p>Penn</a> Alumni: Alumni Council on Admissions</p>