Aspiring Class of 2020 at Barnard College

<p>Do I have what it takes?
ACT: I haven't taken it yet, but i'm assuming it'll be around a 20-22 area.
GPA: freshman and sophomore year was around 3.6, this year has thus far been a 3.49.
Senior Year Course load: AP Statistics, AP Lit, AP Government, along with honors classes (except for Pre-Calc, which will probably be CP).
Grades: I'm very worried about my grade in Algebra II because it hasn't been very high at all (average in the 70s). This is very frustrating to me, considering that my Alg teacher really likes me and helps me as much as she can and I still don't do well. To make up for this grade, I was considering having this teacher write me a letter of recommendation. Do you think that would help much?
ECs/Summer Activities: NHS for three years (which is the longest amount of time that's possible at my school), 4 years of Drama Club at my high school as well as participating in over 20 musicals throughout my life, dance for 7 years, Bible Study Club for 3 years (with a leading position in it during senior year, most likely), having auditioned for and received spots in a selective chorus that selects students throughout my state every year (starting from 7th grade) except for sophomore year (no promises on next year yet, though), 2 years of assisting children and adults from Burma in learning how to read and speak in English, 2 years of Gender Studies Club, Humanities Scholars Collaborative (learning about partisanship throughout various colleges my junior year (this year)). I will also be going to Costa Rica in the spring.
Teacher Recs: The one from my english teacher should be very strong, not sure about who will do the other/how strong it will be.
Counselor Rec: very strong
(ps I'm going to apply ED)</p>

I’m not an admissions counselor, but I’d try to get your ACT into the high 20s-30s to solidify your spot. Work hard and have an upward trend in your grades, that’s all you can do in that area, but your course load looks good. the biggest piece of advice is to just put time and effort into your essays. liberal arts colleges respect passion and really care about fit, so show them that you want to be there (ED helps) and I wish you the very best!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Have you taken your ACT’s/SAT’s yet?