Assessing learning support programs

Looking for really good resources to assess learning support programs as my daughter prepares to apply to colleges. Haven’t yet found a book that takes a critical eye to them. Open to hiring an independent consultant. Anyone have suggestions? Is there a more active list than this one? TIA

Highly suggest a FB group called “College Transitions and Accomodations Information for Parents,” run by a college disability services director.

Also try: The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Differences

I don’t think suggesting consultants is allowed on CC, but feel free to PM me if you want a couple names. Most info can be found on above sources and consultants can be pricey.

Thank you. I have the K and W Guide which catalogues which services a college offers but there isn’t any critique or rating. I would love to hire an experienced LD consultant to review my d’s list…

You could post your list to the FB group I suggested. Lots of inside info there. If you’d like, PM me for a couple names, but they are full service consultants and charge accordingly.