Assigning Certain Teachers to Certain Schools (CommonApp/Naviance)

<p>My school uses Naviance, and one of my teachers recently just submitted my first letter of recommendation through Naviance. I'm not sure if this was the teacher's fault or Naviance's fault or Common App's fault, but her recommendation was automatically assigned to all of the colleges I am applying to. This is not at all what I expected, as I expected to get recs from 3 different teachers and assign 2 to each school based on each's schools preferences, requirements, etc. However, from what I see, I no longer have that option since the rec was automatically assigned to all of my schools. I used the Common App Help Center to contact Common App about this issue, and they claimed that it was Naviance's problem so I have to contact Naviance. Idk. I'm going to talk with my teacher soon and ask her to unassign her rec from some schools (which won't be awkward at all) using Naviance, but I've read on some other threads that even the unassign function doesn't work properly. Any advice? Anyone going through this also? Kinda panicking because EA/ED deadline is right around the corner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Same situation. According to GC and teacher, nothing can be done. Unassign does not work either. If you find out differently, let us know</p>

<p>Yeah, just got confirmation today that after the teacher sends out the letter, there’s nothing you can do. Sucks for us, but honestly it shouldn’t be too big of a deal anyway. A rec is a rec, even if it’s not exactly what the college wanted. Hopefully the admissions officers won’t mind too much.</p>