Assigning Residential Colleges

<p>When do we learn which residential college we are in?</p>

<p>early july</p>

<p>thanks for the info. When do they tell us who are roommates are?</p>

<p>same time. it comes in the same letter</p>

<p>I had a dream that last night they had updated the admitted students' website to tell us what college we were in and who are roommates were. I was in Saybrook.</p>

<p>my sister was in branford, class of 01. will that affect my RC assignment?</p>

<p>look at the housing form that came with your admissions packet. the general policy for students with siblings or parents who went to yale is that you can either be in your sibling/parent's college, in anything except your sibling/parent's college, or be randomly assigned to any one of the twelve.</p>

<p>basically, you should have three choices:</p>

<p>1) be in branford, like your sister
2) be randomly assigned to any college BUT branford
3) be randomly assigned to any of the 12 colleges</p>

<p>if you care which college you get into, go ahead and opt to be placed in branford; if you don't, you can be randomly assigned like everyone else. it's your choice.</p>

<p>Take branford. It's a very awesome college.</p>

<p>i just found out that the 2 people that go to yale from my school ('07er and '08er) are in Branford and Berkeley (the two that I really wanted to get into).... is there still any hope for me getting into one of those colleges? :(</p>

<p>I don't think so... The only people from my school at Yale are two seniors, so I won't see them next year.</p>

<p>SUBURBIAN, DO YOU HAVE AIM, sheesh :P</p>

<p>this sounds like a major mess up on yales part, but this year two girls from my school who both got into Yale randomly ended up being roommates. seems like thats what they were trying to prevent!</p>

<p>Yeah, i have aim. I'll talk to you when I can. I can't go on aim right now or post much on cc. The router at home broke like two weeks ago, so until we fix the router, only my sister's computer has the Internet. I can only go online when my sister's not using her computer, which is really annoying. Today, I spent like 3 hours on the phone with the linksys (the company that made the router), and they still couldn't fix the problem, so now i have to go out and buy a new router. Then, it will still probably take me forever to set it up, since I'm horrible with computers. My sister uses msn messenger and not aim, so it'll just be annoying to download aim and sign on. Sooo that's my rant for today! I'll probably get the new router and have regular Internet access sometime in the middle of the week.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, and I know your screenname already.</p>

<p>yeah i figured, cause you're a stalker. duh</p>

<p>haha, sorry to be creepy. i just remembered some people's screennames when there was a yale chatroom on aim sometime during EA.</p>

<p>Is there any way you can ask NOT to be in the same college as another person? For instance, if I have a strong dislike of a girl who will be attending Yale from my high school.</p>

<p>Haha, I don't think it works like that. However they probably try not to put people from the same school together. That would undermine their whole approach to randomness and diversity.</p>

<p>It happens sometimes, but it's highly unlikely.</p>

I had a dream that last night they had updated the admitted students' website to tell us what college we were in and who are roommates were. I was in Saybrook.


The dream was a sign. You will be going to Yale with us in August. :p</p>

<p><em>is frustrated by Lindsey's last LJ entry :mad:</em></p>