Assistance Please (I need 80 points)

<p>I took the SAT for the first time in November, and I was pretty disappointed by scores (CR: 740, M: 780, W: 800 [80/10] {no please do not think this some misguided attempt at bragging}) and I was wondering whether any CC'ers could provide some advice about testing stamina. </p>

<p>The first 2 sections of the test were writing, and while I know that writing is generally supposed to be easier in terms of MC, I was wondering whether it might have simply been lethargy which got in the way of a higher score. For parts 1 & 2 I ate nothing (because I didn't have breakfast) but at every other break I munched a smart part of a cliff bar before beginning the section. Is this the best way to approach a 4+ hour long test? If not, what are the better ways to do so? Are there any alternatives to energy-sustaining snacks (besides sports), and how much do they depend on the student? Is it advisable to get 'used' to implementing a particular dietary habit before attempting to use it on the SAT?</p>

<p>I'd would really be grateful for any answers to any of the above questions. Thanks</p>

<p>Uh.... I really think that munching on different stuff will make a difference. I don't eat anything (mainly because I'm too nervous rofl) and I got 2400 :) . I think the biggest factor at this point is just luck. I was consistently scoring 2300+ as well, but the big push was the fact that i chose all the right answers (thankfully) :). You shouldnt stress over little stuff like that and just focus on doing more ptests.</p>