associate adjunct prof for LOR?

<p>So I did 2 quarters worth of applied math research with this Associate Adjunct professor. I had thought he was just a post-doc, because thats how hes listed on the website describing his research group. Also, on the 'faculty' part of the math dept website, where all the professors are listed, I don't see him there. Also, his office is located at the institute for math thats next to the math dept, and hes listed as an Associate Director there. But on his webpage and the 'directory' part of the math dept, he's listed as an Associate Adjunct Prof. </p>

<p>Thus, I'm not sure I'm not sure how much weight his LOR will have for me. I had heard its ok to have the PI of a research group write a LOR on behalf of a post-doc. But what about here? Is he really a credible prof since hes not listed in the faculty professors section? </p>

<p>I ask this because theres a very well known professor in the same institute for math, and the same research group. Hes a prof in the math dept. (This dept is ranked in the top 5 for applied math). But only one of those profs in that research group seems to mention the prof I worked for in most of his publications. That well-known prof only lists him a few times in his publications. </p>

<p>Can I have that well-known prof write the LOR? Or just stick with the Associate Adjunct?</p>

<p>so I guess I shouldn’t ask that my advisor have the well-known prof write it on his behalf?</p>

<p>It sounds like you worked with the associate adjunct professor the most so I think you should ask him. By the way, he is listed as an associate adjunct professor and associate director on the official university directory so the post-doc situation will not apply.</p>