Asssistant District Attorneys

<p>What is the work day for these like? Most of the discouraging topics are in regards to lawyers at large firms, but what about ADAs? Are there any loan forgiveness programs for anyone interested in becoming an ADA?</p>

<li><p>Depends on where you are. I know some ADAs who work true 40 hour weeks. Sometimes, though, they'll do ride-alongs with the local police to see them work, or they'll do outreach work with the local community.</p></li>
<li><p>That topic has been covered ad nauseum in this forum. Quite simply: it depends entirely on where you go to school. The best schools (HYS) will give amazingly generous loan forgiveness, where you'll pay only a few thousand per year; every other school is progressively less generous, with some giving fixed amounts (up to, say, $7,000/year for five years) and some that require you to apply ahead of time; many law schools do not have loan forgiveness. At many schools, what little there is is not guaranteed.</p></li>

<p>Can anyone else give any more information in regards to a career as an ADA?</p>

<p>I only know about the loan forgiveness programs at YHS. Ariesathena pretty much summed it up.</p>

<p>Being an ADA is pretty nice. You get to have clients, go to court, and basically do your own thing on behalf of the state. Doesn't pay much. Decent hours (9-5, 9-6ish). Pretty dangerous depending on what cases you get, not very prestigious unless in a big city DA office (then its pretty competitive to get in)....what else do u want to know?</p>

<p>Boalt just announced an expanded loan forgiveness program:
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