Astronautical Engineering?

<p>I am now 90% sure I want to switch majors and no longer pursue Comp Sci. I find physics and astronomy fascinating but I know that most physics majors never actually get to work in the field, so it probably would not be the best career move. I have been looking into Astronautical Engineering and I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with the field or is currently majoring in it. </p>

<p>Would this as a career limit me to only a few select locations? What range of projects could I work on (i.e. is it limited to space crafts and satellites? Or could it involve any devices that enter into space?) </p>

<p>I am still also unsure of if engineering is right for me or if I should stay in the realm of the sciences. I should mention that while I am not your average girly-girl, I am a girl nonetheless, and I would prefer a career that doesn't leave me perpetually dirty. So if this one will just say the word and I'll look for a cleaner space related career. =p</p>


<p>For undergrad? There are very few programs specifically dedicated to solely astronautical engineering. Most programs are called aerospace engineering, and focus on aeronautics as well as astronautics.</p>

<p>And yes, astronautical engineering will severely limit your possible locations.</p>