Astronomy/Astrophysics summer + normal year opportunities

I’m a sophomore right now and just wanted some info on summer programs and opportunities during the school year. I’m interested in astronomy/astrophysics.

For summer programs, I was thinking of applying to UCSB’s RMP, UC Davis Cosmos(Cluster 4: Introduction to Astrophysics), and UCSC’s SIP. Any other suggestions for astrophysics-related summer programs for rising juniors? I’m definitely leaning towards SIP because of the number of astronomy/astrophysics research projects that was involved in past years of SIP. And also the fact that some of the projects had to do with black holes, which I’m specifically interested in for astrophysics.

For the normal year, I’m hoping to work in an astronomy lab with a professor of a local university. I live in the bay area and was especially looking at UC Berkeley’s professors and their astronomy-related research. Any advice on cold emailing? I hope to do this when my junior year starts and possibly for this summer. What should I include in an email? To work with(for) a professor for his/her research, would I talk about how I’ve read their research and how I’m interested in it? Would I need to make a resume?