ASU Barrett vs College of Wooster vs UMass Amherst vs Creighton University

Hi, I completely forgot to mention it, I was fully planning on it, my apologies.

It was super last minute, but I committed to ASU Barrett as a Neuroscience major. I almost went with UMass Amherst, but ASU it is :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help!


Congratulations !


I think you’re going to have a fantastic experience at Barrett and I don’t think you will ever regret not paying twice as much! Good luck and congratulations!!


Forks Up! Congrats

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Thank you all so much. I really did appreciate all of the advice from everyone here. I’m already getting some second thoughts, but it’s a little late for those.

I’m hoping those thoughts will subside once August rolls around and I’m properly at ASU :slight_smile:

It’s never easy to have to say no to a great opportunity but unfortunately you had to. It’s natural. But you can only choose one. I’m sure your gut is right. Embrace it. Love it. And it will all work out.

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Yes, I also think so

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