ASU Graphic Design Vs. Digital Culture

Any insight as to pros/cons, differences between graphic design degree vs digital culture degree? My daughter has strong fine art skills in traditional media (drawing, painting). She is also strong in math and science but has not really taken any computer classes beyond the basics (no coding,etc). She would like to use her art skills in some sort of viable career so she would like to do digital art of some kind. She is applying to the Visualization degree program at TAMU and you can focus a large range of things from graphic design to digital culture to animation within it. So that was an easy pick of major. She is also applying to UTD ATEC program and SMU either BFA art/graphic design or creative computation. She is also applying to ASU and they have graphic design (school of design) and digital culture (school of art, media, engineering) as separate program majors. Anyone with any opinions or insights helping someone choose between traditional graphic design program vs digital culture program?