<p>Those of you who kept your options open may know of this test. Who here took it? I scored a 84. I dont know what the top score is but I was told I did realy well since a passing score is 30. It is basic stuff realy. I laughed at some of the questions. How many sides does a triangle have? How many layers to our earth? What is a torque wrench used for? lol what were your scores and veiws on this test?</p>

<p>were you considering enlisting?</p>

<p>how many layers does the earth have? last time i remember studying this was 8th grade...</p>

<p>I wanted to keep my options opens. Im only in 10th grade but it is an extream back-up plan. If I dont get into any academy, any prep school, or get no scholorship(all of these are very very slim but I have several back up plans) I was going to enlist and try to get into the academy then. I keep all doors open. The test only goes up to a tenth grade level. ha</p>

<p>I took it in the 80's got a 94.
Not bad for an oldtimer.
I think that made it an airforce 78.
They used to make it different for each branch.
My highest ...get this Mechanical Knowledge.
Higher than me Marine (aircraft Mechanic) hubby's score.
I ended up in Crypto get that.</p>

<p>I seem to recall the test is out of 100. My kid's high school makes all their kids take it....each time one of my 5 did - I got a call from the recruiters. Bless their kids all scored 90+, and no wonder they were calling. Turns out only #5 chose a military career, sans a recruiter. Go USNA!!!!! Your score is outstanding, by the way...great job.</p>

<p>What in the world are you doing near an ASVAB?
That's a recruiter's tool.
Run, Run!</p>

<p>Ahh recruiters dont bother me. They want me for the Marine Corps but I told them up front dont waste their time.</p>

<p>so usmc, why the heck do you name yourself that way if you aren't interested in the Marine Corps???</p>

<p>O but I am. After the Naval Academy I want to go Marine Corps. Thats the branch i want to go for.</p>

<p>I recall my kid taking this test in both 9th & 10th grade and remember him saying that he was required to take it because he was NJROTC. I don't know if that was the case. Seems like they couldn't force kids to take it in JROTC. The Army was calling the house every five minutes after he took it saying they wanted him because he'd scored so high until MOM got on the phone and told them to bugger off. I still get mail from Army & Navy for him here. So it is indeed a recruiter's tool? That explains that!</p>

<p>Ooops. Forgot something.... Good luck USMC457. Let them know straight away that your going for the Academy!!</p>

<p>For all that are wondering, that ASVAB is out of 99. It is a percentile score. As in you are in the 84th percentile of those that take it. Congratulations though 84 is quite a good score. You qualify to be in the nuclear power program. Although I do not reccommend it. That is where I currently am while I am waiting to hear results about my USNA application. And for reference I got a 99. Anyways hope everyone is doing well and best wishes.</p>

<p>Good to hear from you fergs. Have you heard anything from USNA? Keep us posted.</p>

<p>Hi buddy. Hope you're doing well these days. Saw you on & just wanted to give a :)
A 99 huh. I kinda thought you might be brilliant and beyond. Good night out there!</p>

<p>All the ASVAB does is define your eligibility for enlisted career paths...that's it. So in a sense, it's a recruiting tool because the recruiter can play on your score and hype all the areas your qualified for.</p>

<p>I took it in 1975 and was promptly thereafter recruited as a Navy enlisted sub nuke (the most advanced and highest incentive rating available at the time).</p>

<p>Good Luck and always keep your options open.</p>

<p>Dad2b'2010 I know the feeling. I am a sub nuke ET!</p>

<p>Oh and thanks everyone for popping by and saying hello. It has been a rough time but I see good times a coming. I am definitely in a good mood even looking a deployment in the face. So sometime soon I will be gone for a while and unable to talk to everyone. However, I will inform you all if and when I am accepted. Even if it means that you have to wait a few months to hear it because I will be out at sea. Hope everyone is doing well. Best wishes!</p>

<p>fergsonfire - Fellow ET! Good luck on your deployment. Any ORSE's in route?...FUN..especially preparation (I was an ET also). Hey, even if USNA doesn't work out, you have great shore billets available (I would recommend Balston Spa prototype sea-returnee duty especially if you can still get early shore rotation out of it). Try to get ANY bachelor's degree before you get out, and you will have many great employment options when/if you get out.</p>

<p>PM me anytime! Good Luck again!</p>

<p>indeed it is an orse run. Oh the joys of ORSE</p>