At 50+ I'm moving back home!

<p>So at 50+ I'm the one moving back to the house I grew up in! Heaven help me! </p>

<p>I settle the sale of my house in a few weeks, I was determined (in this market you just couldnt know!) not to buy anything until the house sold. So it sold, and quicker than I had imagined, so I was looking at finding a quick place to land for a few months. The home I grew up in(still in the family) was vacant. Seemed meant to be. This will be temporary, as I really dont want to live in the small town area. But its next door to my mother.....</p>

<p>Mixed feelings to say the least, but blessed to have the option. Seems appropriate to launch into the next phase of my life from homebase again. Not the "moving back home" issues I thought I might be facing at this stage of life! :)</p>

<p>Good move! Sounds like it will be very cost effective. When we moved, I scheduled a 4 day gap between our sale and our new purchase. If the sale didn't close I was prepared to walk away from the purchase because the one thing I refused to do was involuntarily own 2 homes. Fortunately everything went fine, we sold, we bought. :)</p>

<p>great move! I stayed in my family house for a LONG time, before I buy my own, after the housing crash. And then we had plenty of time to get the best of the deals, and we did.</p>

<p>You should recreate the way it looked when you were a child. That would be extra creepy.</p>

<p>I bought back my first house, 12 years after I sold it. I'm a whole lot more construction saavy than I was then and I have more available funds. It's been fun, renovating the house and yard in ways I couldn't do when I lived there. S2 lives there now.</p>

<p>Good luck on your move and (new) house!</p>

<p>Good luck Sistersunnie! Hope it all goes well; at least you will be familiar with the area and close to your Mom...though of course that might feel too close. Can't imagine how it feel being in your old empty of furniture too?</p>

<p>Empty and echoing.......</p>

<p>I have a good friend who lives next door to her parents. Mom has Alzheimer's, so it's been a blessing.</p>

<p>Well thus ends the 6 week saga of "moving back home" It was great. Next door to my mother and stepdad who I have a great relationship with. We helped one another out, ate together at least once weekly. Had a fully outfitted workshop at my disposal and utilized it. It was a journey into a simplier time, no washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc. Tiny little cottage with charm galore and no storage space. Only took the essentials, so it was like camping out. But I felt the spirit of the loved ones gone one and breathed the country air. It was healing. </p>

<p>Am now moved into my new home, about 30 minutes away. Actually miss having them nextdoor. The duplex is so nice, and life is less complicated. Looking forward to my time here. IF I ever get 30 years of life unpacked !</p>

<p>SS - Sounds like it all worked out. I'm glad that you had that time with your mom and stepday.
ps - I saw your daughter's bf in Safeway this summer in our town, but could not get up the nerve to say "hi" and tell him that I knew you from the internet. lol.</p>



<p>Are your old Barbie dolls still there, tucked away in a closet or some place? ;-)</p>

<p>My Barbie dolls are in my mom's closet still!</p>

<p>My oldest sister had to live with my mother for most of the summer...but it was because of a series of bad decisions on her part.
They don't get along all that well but they managed. There aren't any of of Barbies in any closets any more
Best of luck to you in your new home !</p>

<p>God knows where my old Barbies ended up. somehow, toys disappeared and I don't even remember noticing. I'm sure that's a lot of untapped trauma. </p>

<p>SS--great update. Right now , I wish I was within 30 minutes of my mother. For that matter, I wish she had a stepguy to be with her--but she's been widowed nigh on 40 years, and I don't see that changing. she moved two hours away from us, for complicated reasons that make less and less sense. Trying to get her to move to where my H and I are going to end up. Unsuccessful so far.</p>

<p>Your situation sounds perfect. Great update.</p>

<p>Sounds like a great move. Wish we could be 30 minutes from our parents.</p>

<p>My Barbies are in the under-stairs closet at my parents' current house. Many many little girls have had fun with them there. It's actually entertaining to show older girls how doll clothes used to be constructed.... My Ken suit has a zipper in the fly and lining in the jacket.</p>

<p>Sounds like you must have had great memories growing up there! If I moved into my childhood home (parents still live there), it would be a horror. Spiders, rats, and vampires. Cold and old. Yikes, my parents had better live forever because I don't want that house!
Very kind of you to move next door to your mom for that time, I'm sure she appreciated that.</p>

<p>Just read the thread. You moved to a house that was no longer a home. I'm glad you were able to move on and not become your aging mother's close by caretaker. That would have been hard- to be the parent instead of the child. </p>

<p>In my day girls only had ONE Barbie- my sister and I had the second gen bubble haircut (different colors) ones while our a bit older cousin had the original ponytail one. Can't recall if mine finally was given away with this spring's move- all of the extra clothes- many handmade- were long gone. I couldn't believe how neice's generation (I have a son) and other girls had a new doll for every outfit and at a much younger age. We treated our dolls as the fashion dolls they were meant to be, I don't think preschoolers know how to relate to Barbie.</p>

<p>Whether I live next door or 30 mins away, I will be my mothers and fathers close by caretaker. Its a loving obligation and I will fullfill it. Fortunately neither need that right now. So for now, I will simply enjoy their company. </p>

<p>I have no idea where my barbies are. Not much survived my younger siblings :) I do however know where my daughters barbies the attic of my new house!</p>

<p>Glad it all worked out!</p>

<p>Congratulations on your new home! Glad you had a chance to live so close to your folks for a while and that it was a good experience! Sounds rejuvenating. Hope all is going well with D2 at grad school!</p>