At some colleges, Physics is a requirement. Did you take it?

<p>I know many people looking into arch school after high school as a potential career, but many do not have the physics requirement for some of the schools they are looking at. Does anyone have any experience with getting into a college without a requirement?</p>

<p>DD1's BS Arch school has a Physics requirement in the first year or two, but it's pretty straightforward PowerPoint physics, not lab-based. I have seen a few schools requiring a year of HS physics, but most don't.</p>

<p>If the curriculum includes 'real' Physics after admission (i.e. the Physics pre-Meds and Engineering students take) I would look elsewhere. Physics was my favorite subject in Engineering school but in this country it seems to be too much of a weed-out course...</p>

<p>I'm taking a year of Physics this year (my senior year). I will probably have to take it again in college, but it will be easier, since I will have already had experience in Physics.</p>

<p>My current university requires Physics as part of the core classes. I personally haven't taken a Physics class even in high school (probably gonna take it in the summer). I am looking forward to it.</p>

<p>They usually just require you to take Differential and Integral Calculus (I) at the most, but Physics can be useful if your program's curricula involves structures.</p>