AT&T U-verse or Comcast

<p>We have been with Comcast for tv forever and are thinking about switching to AT&T to provide our tv and internet. Tivo has been our friend for the past 11 years; we were one of the first to have one! Once you have had Tivo, other DVR's just don't compare. That said, we have learned to live with the Comcast DVR.</p>

<p>While AT&T U-verse has it's advantages, there a few things I like better with Comcast. Because U-verse only has one DVR that can record on multiple tv's, the tv's without the DVR can not be pause while watching a live show. The family has become accustom to pausing what they are watching to go to the bathroom, get a snack, answer the phone, etc... It now will seem odd not to be able to do that; not the end of the world, but something we are just use to doing. I do love the idea of U-verse where you can record on the dvr and watch on any tv in the house; or start watching a recorded show in the den and then finishing watching in the bedroom. </p>

<p>I would love to hear from those that have U-verse as to what you like and don't like about it. I can save a bit by having AT&T internet and tv or I bet I could also get my Comcast bill down if I tell them I want to leave for AT&T. Most people are able to do that with Comcast since AT&T has come to the area. I haven't spoken to Comcast yet, but it is on my todo list for this week.</p>

<p>Snowball, I don’t know where you live, but is RCN available in your area? I have them and they are great - they have Tivo with their cable as the DVR! </p>

<p>[RCN</a> Lehigh Valley | TiVo Premiere from RCN FAQs](<a href=“]RCN”></p>

<p>we have uvers and comcast, but rcn seemed moved out of the bay area in ca. at least in San Mateo county.</p>

<p>I have comcast, uverse is a little bit more expensive and in the hills the fibers are not installed yet. comcast cable modem is not bad, lot batter than dsl…</p>

<p>snowball, if you don’t mind a piggyback, I also wonder how people would compare the customer service of AT&T versus Comcast.</p>

<p>I am confused by what you mean, snowball. </p>

<p>I have Uverse. I have several receivers. I can record/watch on all of my receivers at the same time up to 4 shows at a time.</p>

<p>The way to pause during a program is to record it. Then go to “recorded tv” on your remote control. Start show from recorded tv programmings - there might be a few second delay before it shows up in your list of recorded shows. Fast forward, play, rewind or pause, as needed. </p>

<p>Erase show afterwards, unless you want to save for another family member. It works great for us!</p>

<p>True, there is one receiver where you can pause if you aren’t recording. But the above procedure allows your family to watch/record up to four shows in four different rooms if you want at the same time.</p>

<p>While Comcast service stinks, my neighbor switched to Uverse and kept losing connectivity. Required many many service calls to stop losing their signal. FWIW</p>

<p>We switched from Comcast to U-Verse last December and couldn’t be happier. We have U-Verse TV, phone and internet. I was a little apprehensive about the fact that is the signal goes out, we would lose all three, but so far that hasn’t happened.</p>

<p>My biggest regret is losing Tivo. Snowball, you’re right, nothing compares to Tivo’s interface. With Tivo, I could recover a deleted program if I wanted but U-Verse doesn’t allow that. I have to be very judicious on what I erase because I can’t get it back if I change my mind.</p>

<p>I do sort of hate the fact that I can’t pause and rewind on any TV except the one with the main DVR, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Like Samurai said, you could record the program and then have access to those features, but that’s not always practical. For example, sometimes I’m watching a show on the kitchen TV and I miss some dialogue and want to rewind to hear it but I can’t. I think I read someplace that AT&T might be planning to upgrade their set-top boxes to make it possible to pause and rewind from all of them - I hope that’s true.</p>

<p>Customer service has been MUCH better with U-Verse. I only had Comcast for cable TV, not for internet (had AT&T DSL before U-Verse) but it was always an exercise in frustration whenever I had to call them. Service outages were common and they took their time about fixing them. As I said, I haven’t had an outage with U-Verse yet and the telephone dealings that I have had have all been great.</p>

<p>patsmom-rewinding for missed dialog is a biggy for me; my hearing isn’t great as I age!! I had thought I could just record what I was watching when in the bedroom; just remembering to do that will be a challenge! </p>

<p>We have never had an trouble with Comcast with outages. We have underground utilities and the few times cable has gone out in the neighborhood, it was due to a tree falling on the lines.</p>

<p>Our internet is with Earthlink which we have had in this home for 16 years. I don’t even know what the speed is. We plan to switch to the AT&T internet if we go to U-verse. We have AT&T for cell phones and our landline phones, so I am familiar with AT&T customer services. </p>

<p>I guess I have to decide if I can live without pausing live tv in the bedroom. The other issue is I think one of the sports channels might only be available in the sports package, a package we don’t want except for that one channel. I have to call AT&T this morning and double check as the literature I have is not clear.</p>

<p>We haven’t had trouble with Uverse, although I am not the biggest fan of the home phone part of the package. It sounds to me like there is some static when I get ready to make a phone call. I like having the own server for the household, though. Our internet access rarely has outages anymore. </p>

<p>We used to have Time Warner Cable and had problems with outages, set top boxes and customer service. I think it depends on your area which company works best, how well the company has responded to keeping their lines up to date and serviced. </p>

<p>I would like to pick and choose some of the channels, but the way they package it the channels I want are in a certain tier. So instead of 5 channels, I get 100 extra channels, and am paying for it. These companies certainly know how to raise your bill, one channel at a time!</p>

<p>I am very interested on all of your feedback on this issue. We’ve had Comcast for YEARS and have had so many problems since they upgraded to digital…consistent black outs and lots of “pixelizing”. We’ve had service guys out multiple times. Still isn’t fixed and on top of that, they even “disconnected” a couple of tv’s in underused rooms just to see if that helped. We’re paying more and getting less.</p>

<p>I sound like a weenie but I am afraid to switch to someone else and make things even worse. H says we aren’t a good candidate for any satellite tv services (too many trees).
And just recently we learned that U-verse is finally available in our area.</p>

<p>I am very curious as to everyone’s experiences…keep those stories coming and thanks.</p>

<p>AT&T would love for us to switch our phones also, telling us our total bill will be cheaper. I am keeping my landline phones as the few people I know with AT&T or Comcast phones cut out or have static at times. I know I am paying more for the landlines, but I want to have the service I have been happy with. It is still AT&T, but they won’t deal on the price unless I switch to the internet based phone.</p>

<p>I did call and found out the sports channel is a part of the regular package, so I do not need to buy the sports package. I am pretty sure we are going to make the switch unless I find out there are other differences I don’t like.</p>

<p>I have the U-Verse phone service and haven’t noticed any static on the lines. In fact, I can’t tell any difference between how our land line sounded and how the digital line sounds. </p>

<p>One great feature of the U-Verse phone service is that I can log in to my account page from work and see the call log – all missed calls, all outgoing calls, etc. I can listen to voice mail from the website. In fact, I have an iPhone app that notifies me when I have a voice mail so I can listen to it from the phone if I want. The web page allows a lot of customization of the phone service – I can block certain phone numbers, manage my call-waiting and call-forwarding, etc.</p>

<p>So far I like it!</p>

<p>I have Time Warner and haven’t had any major problems with it yet. I have had no outages. You can access your phone records online and through the cable box. They have start over. You can start over a live tv program if you missed the first part of it. Also, HD stations are included and not an extra charge. The internet has been speedy. When I have called, they have always resolved my problems.</p>

<p>How is the internet speed with u-verse compared to cable. That is my biggest concern. The promo offers in our area (1 year) are pretty aggressive- $99 for all 3. Cable is up to about $160 although intro offers are around $129. Didn’t know about the coord with iphone ap, so that is appealing. Wonder if it will help our iphone reception? WE are thinking we need to get a tower as cell goes out a lot because we are in a valley.</p>

<p>My internet speed with U-Verse is 12 mbps. I pay $45 for that (when I first signed up, there was a special for 6 months that gave me internet for about $5 a month). The speed is excellent.</p>

<p>Phone service is $33 and TV is $77 (with no premium channels). I also pay $7 apiece for additional set-top boxes for my additional TV sets. So with taxes and fees (they usually total ~ $20), my bill runs close to $200 a month, compared with around $250 when I paid Comcast and Bellsouth separately for TV, phone and internet.</p>