At what age will you graduate and obtain your bachelor's?

<p>For me-- 21. </p>

<p>How about you?</p>


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<p>Taking gap year</p>

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<p>Technically, I will never graduate with a bachelor's. If I did, it would be 21. Instead, I will graduate at 22 with a master's.</p>

<p>Roughly 24, Im glad I took a couple years before starting college. I would have dropped out before the Air Force made me grow up.</p>

<p>20 for me.</p>

<p>21 or 22. Not quite sure. We are switching to semesters my senior year.</p>

<p>22, but only about a week away from 23. Due to shifting laws about schooling age in my state when I started kindergarten, I'm slightly older than just about everyone in my class year.</p>

<li>5-year plan.</li>


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<p>22? I think...</p>

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<p>I'll be 21 when I get my ASN and 22 when I graduate with my BSN.</p>

<p>^^So you were 16 when you started college? LOL</p>

<p>Yea. Bahamians typically start school (pre-school/elementary) a year to two years before Americans.</p>

<p>22 (10 char)</p>

<p>I will be 21, and will turn 22 a couple months later. It's weird to think this is my last birthday as a student!</p>

<li>I spent 2.5 years at a community college before transferring here, and then 2.5 here to make it even.</li>

<p>I'll be 21 (graduating a year early).</p>