At what engineering schools, would I be competitive for admissions?

<p>My unweighted GPA is 3.06 (through the first 3 years of high school)
My weighted GPA is 3.83
SAT: 2020/2400
ACT: 31
High School Rank: 125th out of 250 students (my high school is the 161st best high school in America according to Newsweek)</p>

<p>My 1st quarter GPA for senior year is a 3.71, much improved from the first 3 years</p>

<p>SAT Subject Tests:
Math II: 770
Physics: 690
US History: 780</p>

<p>Purdue maybe?</p>



<p>I think I saw an updated ACT of 34 for you. That would make you competitive at most schools. Your GPA and, particularly, your class rank really pull you down. Possibilities include: Case Western, RPI, Purdue. I'm not sure how much the major state schools like U Mich weight class rank vs. standardized tests.</p>

<p>yep update: my ACT score is a 34</p>

<p>I think RPI, Purdue, and CWRU are matches.</p>

<p>Here are two possible engineering safety schools for you:
Missouri University of Science and Technology (M S&T)
Missouri</a> University of Science and Technology
Michigan Technological University
Michigan</a> Technological University</p>

<p>Michigan Tech if you like snow; Missouri if you do not like snow. :)</p>

<p>Rochester Institute of Technology
Illinois Inst of Tech
Case Western
U Maryland
U Minnesota
Penn State
Ohio State</p>

<p>Which state do you live in?</p>


<p>You may want to try Rose-Hulman</p>

<p>How is your unweighed GPA WITHOUT Freshman year.</p>