Atheists at Catholic Universities?

<p>What percent of atheists/agnostics actually attends Catholic university? I know an agnostic going to Notre Dame.</p>

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<p>That wouldn't make a lot of sense</p>

<p>Just sayin....</p>

<p>Not true. Atheists and agnostics go to good catholic schools all the time, I would imagine. Georgetown is especially tolerant of all religions or lack thereof</p>

<p>Georgetown enrollment for Fall of 2009:
Religious Affiliation: Catholic (46.76%), Other Christian (26.66%), Jewish (5.85%), Muslim (3.08%), Hindu (1.66%), Buddhist (0.87%), Other (3.01%), None (12.12%)</p>

<p>I'm an atheist and am still considering Georgetown and Boston College.</p>

<p>I very well may be an atheist and plan to attend St. John's University.</p>

<p>It depends on the level of commitment to religious doctrine how many would go there. There are plenty of schools affiliated with the Catholic Church, just like a LOT of Universities are affiliated with a church, but this doesn't prevent people from other beliefs from going there.</p>

<p>Notre Dame and Georgetown are great schools, and while they're Catholic they are not about teaching religious values. An athiest, however, would probably have a more difficult time at, say, CUA (84% are Catholic). Just like anyone who isn't a Mormon would stick out at BYU. But it would be less strange to find non-Catholics at schools like Notre Dame and Georgetown.</p>