athlete listen carefully!


<p>Have you recieved any likely letters or the such encouraging you to apply ED, and the type of scholarship that would be offered? Especially since the ED deadline is fast approaching and coaches want to lock in their recruits</p>

<p>oh..i am jumpin 21-22 for LJ and 43-44 for it good for your state? i am in cali..</p>

<p>the coach and i have been emailing eachother for the past 3 weeks and he convinced me to apply ED :) i sent out my app a couple weeks ago, he didn't promise anything, but it really sounded like i was "in" but i would go to the school regardless if i was running or not.</p>

<p>that is pretty decent for division 3 if you can jump 20 for lj or 40 for tj but it isn't really AMAZING even for d3.. hey i lived in CA before i moved to WI, what part do you live in</p>

<p>i know it is not amazing but does it enuf to attract d3 coaches strongly and maybe scholarship as well??? cuz it is my last year record and i am looking at 23' LJ. 45 TJ this season</p>

<p>i live in southern where around claremont area..nice weather here, how about u?</p>

<p>bumpi bumpi</p>

<p>i lived in indio kinda near palm springs "in the desert" um well d3 coaches can't give out scholarships...</p>

<p>ok maybe not scholarship but gurantee admission maybe :p??</p>

<p>i run an 11.0 100m.. probably getting 10.9-10.8 by next year.. is that decent in other states? im like ranked 10 in my county... i think my county sux</p>

<p>Go to the colleges' websites - you can check your times, etc. against those currently on the team and get a good idea of where you fit in.</p>

<p>yea 10.8 kinda sucks, i run a 10.4</p>

<p>hey zachhicksville...if you actually run 10.4 then you could run for d1 and be pretty good too..if you are senior right now....i was just wondering about your stats. how does it sound??just curious</p>