athlete listen carefully!

I was just curious about the difference between Division 1 school of recruiting and Division 3 school. I am thinking to apply various division3 schools but they seem to recruit but not sure how much those coaches
have power to help my admission. I am doing track and I will be placed at
least top 3 people in that school when I get there(long & triple jump).
does anyone know about emory track team???
thank you for reading

<p>D1 school is much more competitive. THey give more ATHLETIC Scholorships than D2 and D3 schools. D3 is not as competitive, usually the students are more interested in their grades than the sport(NOt always true). Division 3 colleges just give out Academic scholorships.</p>

<p>how much does d3 coach have power compare to d1 coach? almost same?</p>

<p>They have some say but not as much as D1. You will probobly first get accepted with your Application, and then you will be able to participate in the sport. But sometimes it depends on the college. What college is it that you are applying?</p>

<p>johns hopkins emory babson UCSD BU</p>

<p>wait so swimmerman23, you mean that I will get accepted first without any help from their coaches???cuz with their help, i won't able to make it....while i really wanna go to Emory..</p>

<p>You do get a boost, even when the college is a Divison III school.</p>

<p>You would be considered in the athletic round, which is better than the RD round. Also, if you ED/EA, that further boosts your chances. Grades and scores tend to be lower for athletes than the general application pool. That is why it is recommended to get the thumbs up from a college coach.</p>

<p>Being an athlete is a definate plus, no matter the school or Division. And, if you've got a likely letter, so much the better.</p>

<p>Hope this hleps.</p>

<p>thanx blaineko, just one more question, what is RD round?
and one more question. </p>

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<p>if you go here, they say they will consider student-athlete just like another prosecptive students. I really want to go Emory but if that is the true case, I dun think
i will be able to make it. OR do you know if that is just to scare people???lyke sayin they are very academic.</p>

<p>bumpi bumpbi bumpi!!!</p>

<p>for D3 schools you CAN'T rely on your athletics to get you in. The tougher the school the more they are going to look at your academic record over everything else. Athletics are a definate plus and it might tip the scales for you to be admitted though. Keep sending in those athletic cards to coaches of schools you like. I had a coach from a D3 school call me a couple weeks ago and he wants me to apply ED and stay overnight at the college and he was going to send me a fee waiver for my app but i already had one. i'm excited :)</p>

<p>Have you been in contact with the coaches at those schools? They should be able to tell you how much help they can give your application. There might be a special process for recruited athletes who are applying.</p>

<p>You should contact the coaches ASAP. Div III coaches do have some influence on admissions - how much varies from school to school and sport to sport.</p>

<p>hey zackhicksville, what school are you applying and what sports are you doing?</p>

<p>RD = regular decison.</p>

<p>Emory does use athletic ability to tip the scales a bit.</p>

<p>are you sure???cuz if you go
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they say they do not</p>

<p>I'm applying to Emory, and have had friends accepted with scores and gpas that were below the averages. Some of them were athletes who ED at Emory, Vandy, etc...</p>

<p>I'm also an athlete and have recieved info that would indicate that Emory does give extra consideration for athletic ability, if they need someone who excels in a given sport. The best advice is to contact the coach at Emory or have your high school coach enquire.</p>

<p>I would suggest that you read the following postings on the parents forum: </p>

<p>"the effect of tags" and </p>

<p>div 1 sports or better academically</p>

<p>parents have discussed at length the recruiting process for athletes, likely letters etc</p>

<p>well i was actually approached by two coaches, one from lawrence university and one from carleton. I've toured both campuses already and i felt that lawrence impressed me the most. I was recruited for track. I run a pretty quick 400m :)</p>

<p>oh how fast? under 50secz?</p>

<p>51, but i just started running it for the first time in the middle of the season, this year i'm going to prepare for it :) but i also ran in a 4x100m relay team at state this year. we did decent, but we are a pretty young team. i think our time was like 45.6 or something</p>