Athlete Recruit "Shortlist"

S21 din’t pass the pre-read from a D3 school. Coach said if he gets all As for the first semester, he will still support him. The coach asked if he wanted to get on his shortlist. What does it mean?

IMO, it means nothing. It’s better than being on the ‘long’ (shot?) list, but the short list is still going to have a lot of people who don’t make it. It’s sort of like being on the wait list to get into a school- better to be on it than not if you want to go to that school, but still not a good chance.

Can your son get all A’s? Are there any other schools he likes just as much?

He got support from another school, but this is his first choice. Not sure if will get all As, but he is motivated to try.

Nothing like motivation to get all As – whatever works is good.

You should try to figure out exactly what this means from the coach. However, in my book, it means that the coach has a limited number of students he can support - let’s say it is 5. If you are on the short list, it means that your son is no. 6 on a list of 5.

The variable here is what happens if your son gets all As in the fall. My guess is that your son will remain no. 6, as opposed to the coach supporting him in the top 5. The reason being the coach needs 5 recruits. If he leaves a spot in the top 5 open for your son if he gets all As, there is a decent chance that the coach will only get 4 recruits and that the coach will be faced with a last minute shuffle to convince someone else on the short list to apply ED. You may want to discuss with the coach “soft” support, but usually soft support means little to no support.

If it were me, I would continue the conversation with the coach and certainly your son should try to get all As. I would, however, adjust objectives to be realistic, as admissions has not given him the green light on his application.

Time to discover attractive aspects of the school that is giving support to your son.

Thanks for all your advice.