Athlete trying to go to Swarthmore

<p>I have some interest in the tennis team, got a letter from the coach. I was wondering if I'd even have a shot at getting in with these stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.37 weighted (school doesn't do unweighted GPA)
SAT: 560 CR, 650 M, 720 W
ACT: 27
Class Rank: N/A (school doesn't do class rank)</p>

<p>-after high school I'd have taken 3 AP's
-some honors courses
-upward trend in GPA</p>

<p>-piano player
-a few hours of international community service
-a bunch of summer programs at universities
-as I said tennis player
-various clubs (Junior Statesmen of America, Forensics and Debate, etc...)</p>

<p>don't need financial aid (if that matters)</p>

<p>I should get good teacher recommendations and I should be able to write a good essay. Do I have any shot? Thanks</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but even with interest from the tennis coach, I don't think you have a realistic chance of being accepted at Swarthmore. You academic profile really doesn't fit the school. Don't mean to be harsh-good luck with the application process!</p>

<p>I got the same letter, what about me?
GPA: 3.91 unweighted
SAT: 720 CR 750 M 680 W
ACT: Awaiting scores
Class Rank: Don't have yet</p>


<p>There's nothing in the brief list of stats you posted that would keep you from being accepted to Swarthmore. Honestly, that stuff is such a small part of the admissions process (because most applicants have good enough stats), that it is pretty much impossible to give "chances". </p>

<p>Start dancing with the tennis coach this summer and see where it leads.</p>

<p>Thanks interesteddad, I got a 34 ACT composite so I'm feeling good. I'll need to talk to coaches soon.</p>