Athletic Department Influence

<p>Does anyone have any info on how much influence the athletic department has on acceptances, especially non-scholarship athletes? Would love some feedback.</p>

<p>Although I wouldn't say that each coach, outside of Football, Basketball, and Hockey, has power to grant automatic admission to their athlete of choice, they can highly recommend or endorse certain candidates whom they feel are exceptional--especially for non-scholarship. Understand, however, that they usually reserve this only to the truly exceptional athletes outside of the three major sports. All admissions are still subject to approval from the admission office and it has veto power over any athlete who does not meet certain threshold. BC has one of the highest athletic graduation rate in the country for a very good reason, it doesn't solely admit people because they can run really fast. Being an athlete is hook, being a very very good athlete is a great hook, but you still better have that solid SAT (at least 1800+).</p>

<p>Yes, BC does also look at your grades and yes you would have to be an outstanding athlete to be recommended by a coach but to go as far as saying you still need an 1800+ on the SAT is wrong. I am a freshman at BC and I know plenty of students who were not athletes and got in with less then a 1800</p>

<p>^ Well, that would the development case, the legacy, the special story (surviving a civil war in Africa, etc). It's not unusual for students who have below the 1910 (25th percentile) to be a student at BC, since there are 25% of them after all. However, if you are banking on your athleticism as your primary hook--no special story, no legacy, no development, no scholarship, or no AHANA connection--then BC holds you to a higher standard. 1800s, while respectable at many many places, it's not exactly very high for schools in the top 40s. So a good D1 athlete in non-money-making sports with a 1800 in the SAT stands a better chance of admission.</p>

<p>Of course it is helpful to be a recruited athlete for a non-scholarship sport. Any hook an applicant has to make their application stand out will work to their benefit.</p>

<p>That being said, my D was a recruited athlete with a 2000 SAT, 3.9 UGPA, lots of sport and nonsport EC activities. Even with that background the coach could not guarantee admission but was joyful when she was admitted and called her the day her acceptance arrived in the mail to celebrate with her.</p>

<p>My D scores best in the ACT with a 31 or 33 superscored. (Have seen varying accounts if BC superscores ACT). Conversion of 31 is approx 2070 and 33 is 2200. GPA is 4.1/4.5. The coach has said he will be supporting his recruits as much as possible. This is not one or their big time sports. Her interest in BC has grown as time has passed. Just trying to get a handle on all this.

<p>^With those kind of scores, I think your daughter would be extremely competitive even without the coach's support. Good luck to your daughter. May I ask which sport she's planning to participate in?</p>