Athletic Recruit

<p>I am an applicant from Minnesota. Unfortunately, there are already 3 athletic recruit spots that have been taken up out of the at most around 900 early action spots. Will this hurt my chances? Or am I judged on a rather different basis since I'm obviously not an athletic recruit?</p>

<p>You and the recruited athletes are not competing for the same "roles."</p>

<p>What does that mean? Well, think of a high school musical director who is choosing a cast for a show. Let's use "Urinetown" as the example. The director needs to cast so many males, so many females, so many sopranos, altos, tenors etc. They need to cast for particular roles. </p>

<p>Admission to a top college works pretty much the same way. In a very real sense, you aren't competing against everyone in the applicant pool for admission; you're competing against those who can play the same "role" or "roles." So, at most top colleges, about 15% of the places will be reserved for athletes. If you're not an athlete, those spots are not for you. About 10% will go to internationals; if you are a US citizen, those spots aren't for you either. Some places will go to underrepresented minorities (URM's). Again, if you're not a URM, that's not a role you can play. </p>

<p>If you're applying EA solely on academics, then you are competing for that "role" (not that of an athlete).</p>

<p>It'd be a bigger concern if you're an all-state bassoonist and you know that a better bassoonist has been accepted. H recruits lots of athletes, but not so many bassoonists.</p>