Athletic Scholarship: What comes next in the recruiting process?

This question is for all who have successfully navigated taking college visits and received scholarship offers. Our daughter is a junior who just visited a D2 soccer program and received what felt like the red carpet treatment including an afternoon with the head coach, tour of the facilities, and meet and greet with the team. It all felt very positive and she loves the campus and program. We left and my daughter and the coach exchanged friendly texts afterward, but not an offer. My question is what comes next in the recruiting process? Any experience, advice, etc. would be appreciated.

This probably should be in the athletic recruiting forum, so you will get more replies.

My son is also a soccer player, though he focused on d3 schools. I believe what it means for your daughter is that she’s in the pool of players they are recruiting. Some schools/coaches are better at recruiting/rolling out the red carpet than others. Your daughter can ask where she stands, or where the program is with recruiting, to get a sense of whether she’s in their very top group of recruits. For a boy (different from girls soccer, I know) it would be too early for the school to have decided on their top recruit, or top 3.

Again, it is probably different for you, but also the coach might want her academic information at this point to make sure she’s admissable.

Your daughter should ask the coach “what’s the timeline?” So she knows what’s next, when to expect some decisions etc. She/you probably want to know how COVID has affected recruiting, and that’s also a good question to ask.