Athletic scholarships for basketball at Stanford

<p>Hey - I read that Stanford does do some athletic scholarships. My d is an avid basketball player, 4A school, class rank about 15. On basketball varsity as Freshman. Haven't taken SATs yet. </p>

<p>What's the best way to go about meeting the coaches? Are the summer basketball camps worth it?</p>

<p>My daughter was on varsity as a freshman, high level club player, etc... My advice is to go onto the athletic website and read the recruiting section. Then, fill out the interest survey. Best piece of advice we got was to make sure to email the coaches about tournaments that she was playing in. Many times we'd see coaches from the various schools she was interested in sitting in the stands.
Be proactive. Email his bio with all accomplishments and develop a good relationship with the coaches now. BTW, your son should be the one doing the emailing, etc.
As for the camps, it can't hurt!</p>

<p>Stanford women's bball is a Top 5 program ... if your daughter is a Top 5 quality player they will find her. If she would consider walking on without a scholarship then proactively contacting he coaches might make sense. I'd also suggest checking out The</a> Official Web Site of the NCAA - - for the rules about recruiting ... there are NCAA level rules about when and how coaches can contact recruits (coaches can always respond to communication from a rectruit).</p>

<p>thanks! We'll check it out</p>