Athletic Training

<p>Hey everyone</p>

<p>One day I want to become an athletic trainer for a collegiate/professional sports organization. Sports Medicine is something Ive always been interested in, but now Ive realized that its somewhat of a narrow option as far as colleges go. Apparently only a small number of schools actually have an athletic training major. Is that the only way to go if you want to become an athletic trainer? What are some of the better schools if I want to go this route. I guess Im just new to this, and I cant find too much when I google and such. </p>

<p>Does anyone have any information on this that they can share with me? </p>


<p>Alternative options? Go to the school of your choice, if they don't have an athletic training major, major in biology or human development (or something related), then go on to graduate school for athletic training.</p>

<p>Some schools to look at (offering the undergrad major) would include: Boston University, Chapman, Florida State, Ithaca College, Marist, Miami (OH), Northeastern, Ohio State, Pepperdine, Quinnipiac, University of Iowa, University of Miami, University of Michigan....</p>

<p>There are actually over 200 schools offering the major. I'm sure you could find plenty that you like.</p>

<p>The Athletic Training degree is often listed under Physical Education. So if you're lookng at a college website and don't see it, try looking under the PE dept.</p>