Athletic transfer

How does one go about attempting to get in to athletics T&F at CSUN? My daughter is transferring from COC Community College but changer her major the first year therefore she was at COC for 3 years. She was accepted at CSUN but we are unsure if she is eligible to Run at CSUN as we have heard they only take 2 year athlete transfers. Can anyone verify if this is true?

An athlete has 5 years from the day they enter college to compete for no more than 4 in any one sport. If your daughter stared community college 3 years ago, she’d have two years of eligibility left as long as she didn’t play a sport at the CC.

She was in Cross country & T&F for 2 of the 3 years at CC

Does that mean she would no longer be eligible to run at CSUN?

She was in Cross country & T&F for 2 of the 3 years at CC, does that mean she would not be able to compete at CSUN?

She’d have 2 years of eligibility left, either way. If those 2 years count as and NCAA sport ‘year’, she’d have 2 years of eligibility left. If they do not count (and I’m not sure they would as it may not be an NCAA program) she’d have 2 years left of TIME, on the 5 year clock.

Contact the coaches at CSUN

Thank you!