Athletics advice and interview.

<p>I am going to be a senior next year. Middlebury is an appealing college to me, strong international program, leader in environmental protection/conservation, mountains.... the list goes on. I am considering visiting this summer. This may be my only chance to visit. Should I try to schedule an admissions interview even though at that point I wont yet have applied? Is that even an option? Also someone mentioned to me that talking to a coach would help my admissions chances. I have run cross and track every year so far, team captain in cross next year. I recieved all conference honors in both this year and all regional honors in track. Im not that fast, but my average time (21:00 for 5k) would place me about 10th-15th on middlebury's varsity squad. I am sure I could run faster, I improve significantly every year. I like running but I dont want to pursue running in college unless it could have an impact on my admissions. Also how big of a commitment would running on the college level at middlebury be? Any experiences?</p>

I've heard Middlebury is discontinuing on-campus admissions interviews for students who are considering applying - instead they will continue to offer alumni admissions interviews for students who have submitted an application. About athletics, if you are serious about running in college, you should consider contacting the cross country and track coaches (possibly the same person, I'm not sure) by email or letter. Talking to (and/or corresponding by email/mail) with the coach(es) would help you to get a better idea of the time commitment involved on the team, and also about where your running times would put you vis a vis the other runners on the team.</p>