Athletics at Rhodes

I have a daughter that is potentially interested in playing a sport at Rhodes. I wanted to see if anyone has any insight into life as a Rhodes athlete. How integrated into campus life are the athletes? How are the facilities? What kind of academic support is offered, etc? Thanks


I have a child who just started their 2nd year at Rhodes and plays a sport and associates almost exclusively with teammates.
For their sport, the facilities are really nice for D3 athletics. As far as academic support, there really isn’t any athlete-specific help provided. There appears to be plenty of general support provided to the student body but that needs to be sought out by the individual.
The rigor is pretty intense and the liberal arts “required” classes seem a bit excessive.
The athletic department seems to dominate their conference (SAA) and has multiple sports that play in the NCAA tournament.
What I’ve noticed most by looking at graduating athletes is - if you can handle the athletic rigors (and in season assume D1 level commitment) as well as the classroom demands- great opportunities i.e. Med school, law school and MBA programs as well as quality jobs.
That being said look at the attrition rate (78% graduate for overall student body) as well as the number of recruits in your child’s class relative to the number of seniors on the team. As a result, make sure your child wants to be there without participating in their sport because odds are good they won’t be playing for all 4 years.