Athletics Question

<p>I wasn't recruited to play any sports but I would like to anyway during my time at Princeton. I've been to the website to look at all club and intramural sports, but I'm particularly interested in joining the women's crew team (and couldn't find a club/intramural team).</p>

<p>I've heard that crew is one of the few teams where they actually depend on walk-ons, how true is this? Also, because there isn't a club or intramural team, would I need to complete the NCAA intercollegiate paperwork just to have the option of walking on? (This question goes for any sport, not just crew). </p>

<p>If anyone has any information I'd appreciate it! Thanks!</p>

<p>OMG! I was in the exact same position. If you are interested in walking on, (and please, by all means do) email the princeton coach Lori Dauphiny <a href="mailto:dauphiny@Princeton.EDU">dauphiny@Princeton.EDU</a>. I was surprised by how nice she was and how she answered all my questions, including NCAA stuff. </p>

<p>PM me if you want to know more, or what my email looked like, etc.</p>

<p>and some other things i forgot to address:</p>

<p>-they dont rely SOLELY on walk ons. crew is actually one of princetons most recruited sports, so there are a lot of recruits. the top boats are USUALLY mostly recruits. but there are always some walk ons in the top boat, with the exampe of Davan Darby, who I got to meet during my stay there. Here's an article about her: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>-and yes, you do have to register with the NCAA clearinghouse. you also do have to fill out the athletic form in the admitted student packet</p>

<p>Thank you so much! :)</p>