<p>I'm currently a junior and I was curious what it takes to play field hockey in the Ivies. My grades are very strong and I don't need athletics to get into an Ivy league school, but it is something that I would be interested in doing. I received an all-League honorable mention and just fell short of all league because of an injury during the season. I am going to be a co-captain next season. I guess I'm interested in the selection process and how good you have to be to play on a varsity team. The problem for me is that my school's team is not very successful. Does this affect my chances?</p>

<p>I have wondered about the same thing, but from a different angle. I wonder how much room in a typical Ivy freshman class is there for just your basic genius straight A student, non athlete, non legacy.</p>

<p>So, to help answer your question, I wonder how many athletes are on the roster of a field hockey team? How many of these athletes on the roster will be recruited athletes? Do they count every year on having a few if any walk-ons? Seems to me if they are not looking for any walk-ons at all it becomes a very steep hill to climb.</p>

<p>YOu can look at the roster and figure out how many seniors there will be the year before you enroll. That is how many freshman they probably need to fill the team.</p>

<p>Do you play on any other leagues or teams besides your schools? How serious are you about your sport? Many athletes train all year and play on leagues outside of there school team.</p>

<p>You can contact the coach to ask if there are walk ons for your sport, or what information he may need to recruit you.</p>

<p>You may want to take a good look at Washington & Lee in VA - Ivy type school/feel, highly selective, small student body, rural, great LA's, division III, moderate price, great reputation - well ranked, georgous campus, AND field hockey!!!</p>

<p>It is pretty safe to say if you get into an ivy on your own academic merits they will let you walk on to most any ncaa sport on campus. That does not mean you will play or travel, unless of course you have the skill to do so</p>