Atlanta tornado

<p>jym and other Atlanta folks.... you guys okay down there??</p>

<p>No damage out our way. Weather radio went off all night, and storms were pretty loud. At the moment it isn't raining, but the sky is dark, and the weather radio went off again a short time ago, for a tornado watch.</p>

<p>Looks like downtown is pretty trashed, though. Haven't heard of any fatalities, and the injuries reported don't seem to be too severe, either. Feel sorry for all the people in from out of town - with damaged hotels and automobiles, and cancelled events.</p>

<p>In the northern suburbs where I live, we had hail yesterday that was somewhere between golf ball and baseball size that lasted for about 6 or 7 minutes. The storms in the last couple of days were probably some of the worst I have seen in Atlanta in the 20 years I have been here, and I am not ashamed to say I was in my closet with a 65 lb. dog and 2 cats. I just hope it is at least 20 more years.....oh well, today is gorgeous!</p>

<p>My son and his wife got caught in a hailstorm yesterday afternoon while on their way to a wedding. Her car is now pretty dinged up, but otherwise they are okay, thank goodness!</p>

<p>And as I said on another thread, dd arrived safely and on time (!!) for Spring Break from Laguardia yesterday at 4 pm right before a wave of storms that covered the airport for a time. We were very blessed.</p>

<p>And, speaking of blessings, how amazing is it that if the Alabama/Old Miss basketball game had NOT just gone into overtime, all of the tens-of-thousands attending that game would have been going outside just as the tornado hit. Absolutely amazing....considering all the debris and destruction, one has to assume that there would have been many more injuries and possibly even fatailites had that occurred!</p>

Thanks for asking! As you'll see in the "SEC basketball" thread, its been a wild few days, but as GA2012 said, today's weather is beautiful! Yesterday we had to turn around half way to an event on the north side of town due to downed powerlines. We went on main roads instead of back roads and had no problem. The skies were pretty ominous yesterday, and there were weather issues on our side of town that I apparently missed as I was elsewhere at the time (my h said the tornado sirens went off JUST as he was driving by one-- and it was LOUD!) but today all is well. I just came back from a wedding- gorgeous, no, spectacular, weather- drove back with the top down in DH's convertible. Sadly, there were a few deaths from yesterdays tornadoes north of Atlanta , but we are VERY lucky that ther were no fatalities in town. It could have been much worse if there were people outside. As churchmusicmom mentioned, the first basketball game went into overtime, keeping people in the Dome. Plus, it was pouring BUCKETS outside, so no tourists were hanging out in Centennial Olympic park or anything. Again, truly amazing that no one was killed downtown.</p>

<p>One of the events that was cancelled due to the weather was the big Atlanta Home show. I heard that many of the exhibitors volunteered to help clean up the debris downtown today. That is really nice. Good ol' southern hospitality.</p>

<p>glad to hear you all are safe...and that Atlanta is showing its hospitality. Such a strange weekend weather-wise in many parts of the country.</p>