Attaching a resume to commonapp??

<p>I attached a resume because I ran out of room on the commonapp activities portion. HOWEVER, now I realize I may have made a big mistake. Only 3 activites were new that I put on my resume. The rest was kind of repeated. I say "kind of" because I didn't repeat ALL of it, just whatever I wanted to elaborate a little more on.</p>

<p>The worst part is that I listed my new activites near the end of the resume, which means that if adcoms see that I'm repeating things, they may just think that it's a useless attachment with only repeated information and not read the rest of it. Are adcoms required to read all of the resume?? </p>

<p>One extracurricular activity (shadowing a doctor in a third-world country) was really important to me and I fear that the admissions officers may miss it. I know, I know, I should have put it near the top or have put it in the activities section if it was "so important" but I was really being pressured to submitting my application early and failed to properly organize my thoughts when it came to the activities (I have a lot of activities that I put a lot of time into in my school year and I kind of crammed them in to the common app section). </p>

<p>Is that ok? Will adcoms be able to see the extra activities??</p>

<p>BUMP. Is it okay to repeat info in your resume? I know now that it was a bad idea, but do colleges really mind?</p>

<p>Please help me! Is a resume a bad thing generally? Is there any way I can fix my situation??</p>

<p>I don't think it will hurt you. I wouldn't worry about it.</p>