Attaching an Activity Sheet

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I know some colleges welcome attaching activity sheets under Additional Info, but I know Stanford is really strict about additional materials. </p>

<p>Does anyone know if it would 1) help (they're read it) 2) do nothing (they'll just throw it out) or 3) hurt (they get annoyed) ?</p>

<p>It's not a resume; it's just 2 pages and an elaboration on some of my ECs that aren't so common.</p>

<p>2 or 3. Use it for extremely important information that wasn't included elsewhere in the application. For example, I attached my city college transcript.</p>

<p>The supplemental questions are as much a test on your ability to organize your thoughts.</p>

<p>Hm alright, thanks a lot :)</p>

<p>^^ agreed. they really do not like that stuff. i did mail in a UC transcript, though, as asked on the instructions sheet thing. the majority of my essay/supplement material indirectly or directly elaborated on my extracurrics, how they shaped me, etc</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice - thinking about it again, my essays should answer any questions they have about my ECs :P</p>

<p>Also, congrats on Stanford EA!!! Really hoping to join you -fingers crossed-</p>